Our Technology

Built and proven in extremely harsh conditions, temperature ranges, vibrations, and other environmental factors. Field results have proven we are more efficient, flexible, and easier to modify than others in the market to achieve your IoT/IIoT objectives.


IoT/AI’s sensor platform allows for an unmatched set of services at the edge


Internet of Things

  • Self-healing networking

  • Highly interference resilient

  • Multi-tenant edge computing

  • Multi-frequency: WiFi, 5G, 4G, 3G, 900 MHz & LoRa

  • Wireless range up to 100 miles

  • Software-defined automation


  • Cyber-hardened devices
  • Multi-layered encryption
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Anti-access/area-denial superior endurance
  • Spoofing resistant
  • Multi-factor Geo-fencing

Artificial Intelligence

  • Local-based machine learning
  • Hot path analytics
  • Data streaming and/or batch processing
  • Local data interrogation
  • Data signatures and native drift engine

What makes our sensor platform different?

Our sensor platform is the market’s most advanced integrated cyber-hardened device with embedded intelligence to optimize the lifecycle of sensor data and machine learning models. With a sensor first approach, our platform calibrates and collects sensor data, performs initial learning at the edge, sends data back to our IoTaaS cloud for further analysis, and pushes new machine learning models back to the edge. This continuous learning model helps you improve policy, execution, and performance of IoT sensors. 

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How does our cyber-hardened, intelligent sensor platform work?

Our goal is to help you protect your operations and make more effective business decisions. We offer our sensor platform capabilities as a managed service and through a variety of subscription options to meet your needs. Our sensor platform consists of three key elements:

  1. Edge sensor platform with built-in intelligence and cybersecurity
  2. IoT as a Service for sensor platform management, secure data hosting, and analytics
  3. Decision support services for collaboration and corrective action

Secure Edge

To unlock the power of IoT, data must be analyzed where it is created – at the edge. We view the sensor as the most critical element in the IoT data supply chain. We offer a family of sensor devices with multi-tenant edge compute power and hosting to enable data collection at the edge of the network.

These devices can be deployed in stationary, mountable, and wearable formats with ranges of up to 100 miles between stations. With built-in intelligence, our sensor platform offers local machine learning and a native drift engine to accelerate incident discovery and corrective action.

IoT/AI as a Service™

We deploy and provision IoT/AI sensor platforms in various methods ranging from full edge integration into your mission critical control systems through to full IT and cloud integration across the enterprise and joint operation ecosystem.

As a managed service, we host your data securely and make it available to your operations and business professionals through dashboards and integrations with 3rd party AI providers. 

In some cases, you may prefer an isolated deployment due to security postures and risk mitigation situations. Our platform allows you to bypass the cloud to establish more secure, direct connections.

Decision Support

Situational awareness and collaboration is critical for your business to turn data into tangible business results. We seek to empower professionals to make data-driven decisions based on the insights we deliver.

We offer local at the edge and cloud-based decision support for monitoring, investigating and responding to events or optimization opportunities. Learn more about our most common use cases.