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The market's most advanced cyber-hardened, intelligent sensor platform

  Amplified edge intelligence

  Increased cyber protection

  Enhanced situational awareness

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To unlock the value of IoT, data must be analyzed where it is created – at the edge of the network. With a sensor-first approach, IoT/AI provisions vital edge capabilities where existing IT/OT approaches fall short.

A sensor-first approach


IoT/AI accelerates your strategies for IoT, Industrial IoT, and Military/Defense environments by reducing complexity, minimizing security risk, and optimizing analysis of data at the edge of the network. 

Execution on key business priorities

& opportunities

IoT/AI offers innovation opportunities at the edge by increasing sensor data density, tackling multi-modal interference, interconnecting stationary and in-motion sensor suites, and securing localized real time “hot path” data interrogation and insight abstraction.

Innovation at the edge
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How can we help you?

IoT/AI helps you seize more from digital transformation at the edge.


Optimize operational decision making

Accelerate your data-driven decision making at the edge and across collaborative teams through localized analytics, enhanced situational awareness, heightened condition monitoring, and interconnected clouds.  


Improve ROI and seize more value from IoT assets

Bolster the value capture potential of your data, your resources, and your existing and future IoT investments with more secure computing power and intelligence at the edge of the network.


Advance efforts on proactive defense and risk mitigation

Amplify your ability to identify, react, and pre-empt the various types of cyber threats, safety incidents, and operationally disruptive events where possible.


Empower operations, business, and mission professionals

Empower your professionals with assisted intelligence to perform their jobs, prioritize and deploy scarce resources, and continuously iterate on the optimizations.