Industries We Support

IoT/AI's cyber-hardened, intelligent sensor platform addresses a wide range of use cases across industries and environments. We address past challenges and pave the way for new innovation opportunities – while ensuring integration with and augmentation to your existing range of legacy systems, SCADA/ICS systems, machine learning techniques, and OT/IT resources. 


Oil & Gas

Increase condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and optimize resource allocations for flow control valves, meters, and other systems for pipelines, platforms, refineries, and other operation environments



Amplify force multipliers and situational awareness for deployed resources, human/machine swarms, and joint operations – while also reducing security risks for tactical sensor suites



Interweave industrial control systems, SCADA systems, logistics assets, and automated robotics to accelerate your monitoring of operational performance and execution


Energy & Utilities

Extend real-time monitoring of substations, meters, distribution, and power generation to reduce response times and improve service resiliency


Smart Cities

Accelerate Smart City deployments across connected transportation systems, engagement stations, and safety and security operations



Improve bio-health monitoring, especially in harsh conditions, to enable adaptive health responses by health professionals


Use Cases

predictive maintenance.jpg

Condition Monitoring

Through a suite of physical, ambient, and environmental sensors, we provision real-time monitoring and surveillance across target areas. Early indicators, anomalies, policy infractions, drift detections, and other factors enable situational awareness locally and back at operations bases. Proven in chemical facilities, oil and gas, industrial settings, and defense.


Event & Risk Detection

Our early detection monitoring system is designed to identify changing conditions across a spectrum of sensors. Rapid detection of slight condition drifts optimizes speed to analysis, investigation, and corrective action to mitigate operational downtime or security risks. Proven in harsh defense environments, chemical facilities, and healthcare settings.


Health & Human Safety Monitoring

We monitor health, safety, and biohazard conditions across facilities and logistics environments using sensors placed on humans, machines, and other local assets. The multi-spectrum system monitors through stationary sensor suites, human wearable sensor suites, and mountable sensor suites in vehicles, robots, UAVs, and other in-motion assets.