We are pioneering the ascension of the edge


Our mission is to amplify situational awareness, cognitive insights, and value at the edge of the network

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IoT/AI, Inc


A seasoned team of experts committed to your success

At IoT/AI, we are passionate about pioneering new approaches to accelerating the realization of the edge. We thrive on digging into complex business and technical challenges to help customers obtain higher quality situational awareness and actionable intelligence across IoT, Industrial IoT, Smart Cities, Critical Infrastructures, and Military/Defense environments.

Most of all, we are driven toward your success. We realize many businesses are down the path of IoT and IIoT, yet operators continue to struggle with generating real value quickly or more cost effectively with existing approaches. On the tactical side, we know tactical data networks have under delivered and are aging. We have proven resiliency and durability where it counts.

IoT/AI is the brainchild of co-founders Kevin Montgomery and J.D. Stanley, who have worked together on pioneering IoT and AI endeavors for over 10 years. With over 20 years of seasoned experience from NASA, Cisco, Stanford, GE, and Defense, we bring a team with deep expertise in sensors, analytics, networks, radios, and geospatial technology to help you execute on your critical edge and IoT endeavors.


Before fog was coined fog, before IoT began trending, and before big data generated buzz... 

Our Heritage

For more than 10 years, our team has tackled geospatial analytics, multiple forms of AI/ML, cognitive decision spaces, extreme sensor networking ranges and resiliency, cybersecurity complexities, applied digital swarming in the field, and edge tech survivability in some of the harshest conditions and environments in the world.


Our team of experts has pioneered solutions to intractable challenges

  • space to mud connected assets (vehicles, UAVs, airplanes, ships, etc)
  • tactical sensor suites and health monitoring in high stress scenarios
  • connected industrial systems (tools, lasers, machines, workers, etc)
  • rain forest and climate space to mud sensor fusion monitoring
  • network centric warfare scenarios across humans and machines
  • network centric logistics and connected MRO
  • multi-modal personal travel assistances for smart cities
  • connected transportation and automobiles for smart cities
  • smart and connected buildings
  • smart grid and interconnected systems
  • bio-health monitoring of disasters
  • bio-health monitoring for NASA

In fact, we’ve accomplished some unique feats over the years

  • We deployed and operated in the wettest place in the world, where you need to take a helicopter and then hike for 7 hours to get to our deployments
  • Between Cisco, NASA, and the Planetary Skin Institute, we built the first instance of fog networking (before fog was even a term)
  • We deployed over 140 sensors in a rain forest, which was the most instrumented place on earth at the time
  • Pigs ate our sensors, and we caught them in the act with low power (solar and battery) motion cameras, well before this was a thing
  • We have evaluated and assessed over 5,000 sensors
  • We successfully deployed sensors on UAVs, vehicles, and soldiers, with success at 30,000 feet between aircraft

What can you expect from IoT/AI?



Recently in an implementation, we powered flow control value sensors connected to our sensor platform through thermal power. We increased sensor density collection 100x.

We are here to accelerate the ascension of the edge. That means pioneering your execution and not sitting idle on what we have.

Sensor Expertise

We have evaluated over 5,000 sensors in detail, and successfully deployed vibration, air quality, and sound sensors just over the last few months.

Sensors are the critical data source in IoT and Tactical environments. IoT is not about networks or cloud, it’s about data and interrogation of the data.

True Value

Replacement rates on industrial devices became a concern due to vibration. Within weeks of learning about this problem, IoT/AI designed and deployed an inventive sensor suite and long range secure communication network between the customer and control system provider.

We are about results. We are practical. We are focused on risk mitigation and field execution.


We drove around in trucks in the rain forest mapping connections, and now that capability we developed 8+ years ago is native to our sensor platform and dramatically accelerates setup and optimization of any deployment, i.e., no more laptops with antennas.

We’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves. We make the hikes, pound the stakes, splice the wires, wear the devices, and engineer practical systems, not marketectures.